Play Mahjong Tower

a Classic Mahjong Solitaire game, with lots of layouts to choose from.
Choose a layout from the main menu, or using the arrow buttons on the bottom of the game page.
The Season and flower tiles can be matched to each other, they don't have to be identical.

About Mahjong Tower

Mahjong Tower is a classic mahjong solitaire game,
Match two identical and free tiles in order to remove them from the game board,
the Season tiles and the flower tiles can be matched even if they are not identical - e.g. Summer and Winter can be matched to each other.
As a rule of thumb, first, try to match the tiles that will free up most other tiles, don't always trust the hint feature, as it might not show the best option, use it only if you are out of ideas and cannot locate any two tiles to remove at all.

The game page is clear and simple, the top part shows the name of the layout, your overall score and overall game time.
The lower part of the screen, shows buttons which allow to go back to the main menu or restart.
To the right of these buttons, you can view statistics about the board such as how many free tiles are left, and how many possible matches are currently on the board.
The bonus is additional score you can get, if a pair is matched fast enough, the more you wait before you find a match, the lower the bonus.
On the right hand side, there are six button -
First will show a hint, after clicking it, two matching tiles will start blinking, you can remove these tiles if you want, there are only 5 hints available per game.
To the right, the reshuffle button will randomly reshuffle the board again, up to three times. Use it if you see that no more moves are available.
The next three buttons are used to select a new layout and page between them.
Note that after matching and removing the first pair, the change layout option will not be available anymore, it will still be available from the main menu tough.

After all tiles are matched and the board is empty, the game will end, and the following statistics screen will be shows. Well done!
Mahjong tower game end screen