Play Mahjong Connect 2

One of the most addicting tile matching games, with 30 levels each with different style.
The items on the right will help you to overcome a difficult level,
When the level ends, be sure to write down the password, so you can start from the same level next time you play.

About Mahjong Connect

Mahjong connect is a variant of the beloved mahjong solitaire game.
While using the same tiles, and style, the game is often time limited, which makes it harder and more challenging.
In Mahjong connect, the board contains a certain layout, usually with one level of tiles (while in mahjong solitaire the tiles are stacked on each other in a pile), the goal of the game is to remove all the tiles from the board, removing a tile can be done, it it's matched to an identical tile, by up to 3 straight lines:
There is limited time for every board, when the time runs out, the game is over, every time two tiles are removed from the board, few seconds will be added to the remaining time.

On the right side of the game page, there is a menu with few helpful items:
The sword - will match and eliminate one pair of matching tiles
The telescope - will show one pair of free matching tiles - it will not automatically remove them.
Shuffle - will reshuffle the whole board, this is very useful if you're running out of time, and still can't find any match, or in case you feel the board is too difficult and you want a new random board.
Sand-glass - Will add 8 seconds to the clock.
Cannon - remove two pairs of matching tiles from the board, similar to the cannon which removes one pair only.

The bottom game panel displays who many tries/life are left before the game will be over, every time the time runs out, one life will be deducted.
There are also options to pause the game, and go back to the main game's map.

At the end of each level, a statistics screen will be shown, with the game's rating and score.
End of level screen
There is a score bonus for each second left on the clock, for combos and for unused special items.
Most important, you will get a password for this level, this password can be entered in the main menu, to start over again on another day.
Also, just before returning to the main map, you can get a new special item, or score, in the bonus stage.
Bonus screen