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Mahjong Connect

Mahjong connect is a relatively new puzzle/board game, Mahjong Connect got its name because it's using the classic Mahjong tile sets, even tough it is not related to neither Mahjong or Mahjong Solitaire.
The game requires hand-eye coordination, quickness and some ability to plan ahead few moves.
The game's goal, is to clear all tiles from the board. This can be done by choosing pairs of matching tiles, two tile are considered to be matching if they have the same value (for example 5 and 5), or, any of the two season or flower tiles (for example, spring and summer).
A matching pair can be removed if it is connected by a line with maximum two corners, or in other words, by up to three straight lines.

Each level of Mahjong Connect is usually time limited, so the board must be cleared during the given time, very often, few seconds will be added when a pair of tiles is removed from the board.
Also, it is common for standard versions of the game to offer certain numbers of hints, that will reveal a free and matching pair to help the user in case he cannot find the next move.
Note that in some games the tiles will collapse in one or more directions when other tiles are removed, making future moves harder to plan and predict, this is all part of the game.

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A special kind of tile matching game, with different rules then the normal solitaire game.
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A tile matching game, very similar to Mahjong Connect, be careful, you have only one try.
Play Mahjong connect 12 Levels Mahjong Connect
Classic Mahjong Connect game.

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