Play 3D Mahjong

On the main screen, Choose the layout and tile set, then click start to play.
On the game page, Use the top toolbar to switch between 2D and 3D modes, show hints and turn music on/off.

About this game

3D Mahjong solitaire is a puzzle game, based on the classic Chinese tile game, but with totally different rules.
The game's goal is to remove all the tiles (sometimes called bones) from the board.
To do so, click on two matching tiles with the mouse.
There are few restrictions on which tiles you can remove - first, the two tiles should be identical, or two season tiles or two flower tiles (the season and flower tiles doesn't have to be identical).
Except for that, the both tiles need to be free, that mean there are no other tiles on top of them, and there is no other tile either to the left or to the right.

The game can end in two ways, one - You successfully cleared the board, and there are no tiles left.
Second, a deadlock, where there are still tiles on the board, but no more two free and matching tiles.
Both scenarios will end the game.

This implementation of mahjong Solitaire features few great options that we would like to mention,
first, from the main menu, it is possible to choose from six tile sets, the six styles contain the classic set, and some other nice sets, which may be easier if you are confused with the classic Chinese style tiles - specifically, try playing with the numbers set.
Another nice feature is the ability to select between 25 board layout, for each layout the total number of tiles and the number of initially free tiles is displayed, generally, the more free tiles you start it, the easier the layout.
You can even edit the layout and create a completely new one, and the game will generate the board for you. Note that it is not possible to use more then 144 tiles, which is the size of the classic layout.
The editor is accessible both from the main menu and from the layout selection screens.
The layout editor
Once you're done with the setups, click the start button and the computer will generate the selected layout for you.
On the top, there are five control button, switch between 2D and 3D mode, while the 3D mode is more visually impressive, on our opinion, it easier to play in normal 2D.
The third button will toggle the music on and off. The forth will show a hint - two tiles will be marked in yellow, it means that these two tiles can be removed. There are only 5 hints per game, so use them wisely, and try not to waste them early in the game.

The bottom of the screen shows the game statistics -
Equal pairs shows how many possible matches are currently on the board,
Score shows the total game score so far, the hiscore per layout is saved and displayed on the layout selection screen.
The bonus score, next to the total score, depends on how fast the current move was done, In case the move took too much time, the time bonus will be zero.